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Controlled and local production


It is in the heart of Geneva that the workshop is located where your jewelry comes to life. Rich in an important cultural heritage, Geneva is recognized for its know-how and rigor in watchmaking and jewelry. 

Trained jewelry designers, we design your jewelry ourselves. This allows us to control all stages of manufacturing up to packaging in order to guarantee you exceptional quality, while respecting the environment as much as possible.

Each ALMASANO piece of jewelry is manufactured by us in our workshop in Geneva, in compliance with social and environmental standards. Our subcontractors are, for their part, “Responsible Jewelery Council” (RJC) and “Chain-of-Custody” (CoC) certified.

On your jewelry you will notice two hallmarks: the maker's mark of our workshop, which certifies that we have made your jewel, but also a title hallmark, which attests to our Swiss manufacturing, and which guarantees the composition and quality of the jewel .

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